Aviation Lighting

Lighting Application & Specific


Basic Windsock External Illumination

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Inset landing light (AISL)

AeroLed Die-cast Inset Landing Lights

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Elevated Landing Light (AERL)

Infra-red LED compatible for NVG (Night Vision Goggles) option available on request!

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Type A Obstruction Light

White LED's Red lens

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Type B Obstruction Light

Red LED's Clear Lens

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Bi-Directional Inset Light

The emitting colour is green/green or yellow/red or yellow/green or red/green.

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Heliport Beacon

The Heliport Beacon flashes a white colour 4 times/0.8second and stop for 1.2s, then start new circle for 2seconds(0.8s+1.2s).

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Heliport Flood Light

Heliport Flood Light is used for illuminate the whole heliport area at night.
30W, 60W or 90W options

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Aeroled Portable Solar Kits

Available in 6 Lamp kit or 8 Lamp kit

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