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ADDA B.C.D. INDICATORS are available in DIN panel mount (24x48 & 48x96), and also in  large digit (100mm) wall mount. The ADDA SYSTEMS range of B.C.D. instruments has been specifically designed to provide easy interfacing to Programmable Logic Controllers. Two alternate input drive variations are available:

• Direct Drive with four Binary Coded Decimal inputs for each digit. This allows for easy
programing, but requires 16 P.L.C. outputs.

• Multiplexed Drive with four common Binary Coded Decimal inputs and one input for
each digit to control the latching. Thus, only
eight P.L.C. outputs are required for the
first panel meter and four additional outputs for each subsequent device.
(Multiplexing is
by digit.) For large systems other more efficient multiplexing schemes
are available.

As accessories for the ribbon cable versions we also offer 10 & 26 way D.I.N. Omega Rail Ribbon Cable to Terminal transition boards and Ribbon Cable assemblies. On "special order" ADDA SYSTEMS can also supply these units with 5V, 12V, 15V or 24V supply voltage and logic levels.

• Bezel 24x48mm
Cutout 21.5x44mm
24V DC display
24V positive logic
Direct or multiplexed inputs
Terminal or ribbon cable outputs
Multi instrument multiplexed schemes available

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