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AE32 series double light. 
Double light is integrated by 2 single lights. For making sure there is always a light working atop of the tower.
Two optional working patterns can meet different area’s customers.

 “Service+Standby”: Only “service light” is working normally. It will auto-transfer to
 “standby light” in 
case of “service light” failure
 “Service+Service”: Two single lights work simultaneously. Either failure will not affect
 the other normal 

AE32 LED Low Intensity Obstruction Light series is a 32.5cd (candela) LED light designed
for airway fixed 
obstacle marking application. It comply with ICAO & FAA regulation.
It shares the same mechanical design with 
OL10, but comes with more LED's.

• Special optical design provides better light distribution
• LED light source esures long lifetime, maintenance free
• Low power consumption
• Shock and vibration resistant
• Corrosion resistant and UV stable polycarbonate housing
• Ease of mount, mount accessories available
• Available both in single and double type
• 5 years warranty

• Telecomm tower
• Radio tower
• Wind turbine
• Smoke stacks & chimney
• Tall building
• Crane
• Power transmission line
• ICAO Annex 14, 4th Edition, July 2004
• ICAO low intensity, tpye B
• FAA AC No. 150/5345-43F, 2006
• FAA type L810
• DGAC Mexico





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