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SMC: Sheet Moulding Compound
Stainless Alternative: Ideal for Coastal and Desert conditions
EPDM Foam Seal: For unique and longer seal life
IP66: Including Windowed Enclosure

• High corrosion resistance
• Large accessories list
• Even with door window enclosure maintains IP rating
• External mounting bracket with a load rating of 300kg
• Extremely high tensile strength
• IP66 with individual 1/4 turn locks;IP54 single handle multi-cam lock (Allbrox 8)
• The “GREEN ALTERNATIVE” Environmentally friendlier due to low manufacturing impact
• Does not contain heavy metals, asbestos, halogens or other toxic materials
• Where enclosures are made of fibre, material used is at a diameter
greater than 14 micron and is not hazardous to respiration.



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