Mimic Control Desks

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The Mimic Control Desk system is an aluminium extrusion system designed to manufacture a wide range of products, including consoles, desks, wall-mount enclosures, and floor-standing enclosures. The consoles, desks and enclosures are all custom-built to the customer’s requirements and specifications, i.e. the shape, size and colour are all decided and approved by the customer. The designs can either be supplied by the customer, or our in-house design team can create  a design to accommodate the customer’s needs. The products are assembled as a space-frame with “captured” infill panels. The space-frame is bolted together with high tensile grub-screws in such a way that all threads are bearing on steel and never on the softer aluminium frame.  This construction technique is far stronger than wood joints and ensures a long-life, rigid structure. The system is 19” rack compatible.  It is modular and can be disassembled for shipping and delivery and can also be extended and modified for future growth.
A wide range of colours and finishes are available for both the space-frame and infill panels.  This variety of options is guaranteed to satisfy even the most meticulous customers. The final products have an attractive finish and are suitable for both the commercial and industrial environments.  They also stand up extremely well in those environments, compared to veneered chipboard alternatives.It is important to establish the required access to the console/desk being designed, before it is manufactured.  The system has a unique advantage when consoles/desks have to fit against walls or in corners of rooms.  Front or side access can easily be achieved.
Another important factor is the available access to the room where the console/desk will be installed.  Sometimes, where there is only a single door access, the product needs to be split/disassembled to get in to the room. This is an important factor during design.

d1.jpgHousing one computer per lockable cupboard, this L-Shape desk accommodates four personnel, four workstations and four monitors.
While the monitors sit freely on the L-Shape wood top, both keyboard and mouse are neatly tucked under this top by slide out drawers.
d2.jpgThis cubical designed for the reception area has a raised counter-top above the desk, two sets of lockable drawers and shelves on each side.
Included at the rear is a lockable door (fitted with see-through infill) to restrict access into the cubical.
d3.jpgThis desk and wall-mount enclosure combination designed for a security control room at a mine in the North West Province accommodates four 19” LCD monitors and three computers.
The computers are mounted on swivel brackets to increase the leg room under the desk.  Keyboard and mouse slides included under the desk-top allow for more space on the desk-top.
d4.jpgThis monitoring console for a security company houses five 32” LCD monitors just above the post-formed top.  Allowed for are shelves to store miscellaneous items, while four slide out drawers (with handles) add more storage space.
Maintenance can be easily carried out through the access door allowed for on the right.
d5.jpgThis supervisor cubical built on a raised floor is fitted with clear infill material, allowing for unobstructed views of the entire control room.
Slide out keyboard and mouse drawer, and a lockable cupboard with shelves were designed into this unit.  A lockable access door can be provided as an optional extra.
d6.jpgTo accommodate four 19” LCD monitors and four computers, two computers are housed at each end of the desk in lockable cupboards with smoked glass fronts.
Extractor fans are fitted into the cupboard’s side to extract the hot air and cool the computers.
d7.jpgDesigned for a security control room in a new residential development in Johannesburg’s Northern Suburbs, this console accommodates seven 19” LCD monitors and two keyboard and mouse slides.
It has lockable cupboards with three shelves at each end of the console and, to restrict access to the rear of the console, it was built to ceiling height.  A lockable door for maintenance features on the left hand side.  The desk-top on the right hand side has been extended along the wall and the under window
d8.jpgThis control room design shows two main C-Shape desks housing a combined total of twenty three 19” LCD monitors fitted in, and thirty two computers with rear access doors to each unit.  The top right corner has an auxiliary console with six 19” LCD monitors.
The lockable storage cabinet on the bottom right-hand corner of the control room houses printers, two way radios, keys, etc.
d9.jpgThis console was designed to accommodate six 19” LCD monitors at an angle.  The interior of the console and the rear of the monitors are accessible from the front where lockable doors have been included under the desk-top.
The framed monitors are mounted in down- hinged Alutech frames with locks.
The rear of the rack-mount components can be easily accessed by simply wheeling the 19” rack-frame out the front of the console.
Keyboard and mouse slides are included, as well as extractor fans on each side to extract the hot air from the enclosed console interior.
Included in between the two lockable smoked glass doors under the desk-top is a mobile 19” rack frame with fitted castor wheels.
d11.jpgThis mobile console is a demonstration unit for a security company.  It is used to display and demonstrate company products for  customers.
Included in the console is a 19” rack, two lockable doors (one pair with smoked glass - the other with wood infill), and castor wheels for easy mobility
d12.jpgDesigned for a guard house in a new residential development in Centurion this desk accommodates four 42” Plasma monitors on hinge-down frames.  Provision for the two future monitors was made by including removable panels where the monitors would eventually be fitted.
The desk was installed against the walls, so the rear of the monitors are accessible from the front. Two sets of drawers were also included at each end of the desk.


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Mimic Control Desks
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