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• Set up a constant current output (CC)
• Set up a constant power output (CP)
• Set up a constant resistance output (CR)
• Store 10 sets of data which had been set up
• Recall the stored data
• Start/stop
• Switch ON/OFF the electronic load output
• Set up maximum current
• Set up maximum power
• Set up the programming
• Set up the communication
• Set up password

 Input quantity
 Input voltage (MAX)
 Input power (MAX)
 Input current (MAX)
 Voltage accuracy
 Current accuracy
 Minimum resolution
 Minimum conductive resistance
 Protective mode
 Mains voltage
 Purchaseable accessories   
 0.000-3.999±(0.2%+3mV)  4.00-35.9(0.2%+30mV)36.0-360.0(0.2%+300mV)
 0.000-2.999±(0.2%+3mA)  3.00-30.00±(0.2%+30mA)
 Voltage 1mV  Current 1mA
 RS232/RS485 *
 Free ActiveX for VC++/VB/DELPHI/LABVIEW
 10 points EEPROM
 Over voltage/ over current/ over power/ over heat/ polarity-reversing connection
 AC 110/220 AVAILABLE (60/50Hz)
 Software, users manual, AC power cable, handlebars
 Communication cable for RS232, communication cable for RS485, Mounting rack

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