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The AEM4 micro controller based alarm annunciator system was designed for use as an industrial rail mount alarm system. This modular system comprises of 11Pin plug-in modules which wire directly to the field.  The system comprises of  a master unit which consists of the user pushbutton inputs and supply inputs as well as potential free contacts for the horn and trip functions. The slave units consist of 4way alarm modules with field inputs and display outputs. One master unit can drive up to 32 slave units, thus expanding the alarm unit to a 128 way(maximum) alarm.

Each input provides for normally open or normally closed alarms via a  base mounted dip-switch. Each unit provides for normally on (inverse) led drive e.g. For use as Mains On  alarms etc. This is an internal jumper setting. All slave modules have dip-switch settings for the following control options: First  on fast flash / Manual or Auto reset / Ringback / and input fast or slow response time. The system is modular expandable  - up to 32 slave units. All connections are via standard 11PIN relay bases. The units are interconnected via a standard 10-way ribbon system. The master unit has pushbutton facilities for Lamp Test / Accept / Reset inputs as well as potential free relay contacts for Horn and Trip outputs.

 Power supply:
 Supply voltage
 Slave  current consumption (leds)
 Slave  current consumption (lamps)
 Master unit current consumption

 Alarm inputs:
 Input voltage
 Input current

 Alarm outputs:
 Open collector type outputs.
 Max. output current (led mode)
 Max output current(lamp mode)
 Total max current

 Relay outputs:
 Horn relay
 Trip output
 Contact rating

 24Vdc  ±10%
 80mA (max) / module
 20mA + (4* lamp current)/module
 90mA (max)                    

Alarm inputs:
 24Vdc  ±30%
 7mA @ 24V (max)

Alarm outputs:
Open collector type outputs.
 17mA each
 50mA each
 2A (all lamps+leds)

Relay outputs:
 2A @ 250Vac

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