Aeroled Portable Solar Kits

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• International advanced solar panel reaching at least 10 years service life.
 Easy installation and relocation: no specialized work crew required, limited air traffic
• disruption, and lights are immediately operational.

 Comprehensive protection in voltage short, over-voltage, floating, charge and

 Built-in Solar Panel.
 Self-contained and low maintenance: all components are incorporated within a
• compact, stand-alone unit.

 Strong corrosion resistance, Rain and Snow, Shock and Vibrations protection and
 UV protection.

 International-advanced cold LED with low power consumption, high brightness and
 service life of light source reaching 100000hours.

 Clean, renewable, green and reliable energy source.
 Dusk-to-dawn operation
 At least 5 days autonomy without sun and 20 day on flashing mode.
• Optional wireless ON/OFF control provides on-demand operation from up to 3km
 away. Antenna is inside light base.

• Push button interface for local ON/OFF control. Toggle switch interface for
• steady-burning/flashing working mode.

• Optional Battery Charge port: 100~240VAC
 Optional NVG-compatible infra-red (IR) LEDs
Emergency operations, Helipads, Touchdown and Lift- off area (TLOF), Final Approach
and Take- off area (FATO), Taxiway lighting, Runway edge lighting – (ICAO Annex 14),
Portable or expedited airfield lighting, Threshold lighting and obstruction lighting.

Main Parameter Solar Powered Portable Airfield Light:
• Mode: ASL-32-S2. 
• Light intensity:≥32cd
• Working mode: Steady-burning mode or Flash mode
• Light source: LED,100,000hours service life
• Solar panel: Monocrystalline silicon
• Material Housing: Polycarbonate
• Base: Die cast Aluminium
• Autonomy: At least 5 days (Option 20days)
• Battery: lithium ion battery, 3. 7V 10AH
• Overall Size: Φ220 by 233
• Installation Size: Φ190 by M10
• Weight: 2Kg
• Emitting Color: Red, green, white, yellow/ white, yellow/white, red/white (Customized)
• Ambient Temperature: -40℃~+60℃
• Wind load: 80m/s
• Protection Standard: IP68
• Optional: charging port, remote control, NVG compatible infra-red (IR) LEDs

ICAO TLOF( Annex 14, Vol. 2Appendix1)
ICAO FATO (Annex 14, Vol. 2, Appendix 1)
FAA L-861T(AC No. 150/5345-46D, Eb67)
FAA L- 860HR ( EB 87D, EB67D)

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Aeroled Portable Solar Kits
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