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Pushbutton scaling Hi-resolution A to D converter

• 4 Digit
• 48 x 96mm Bezel
• 45 x 92mm Cutout
• High brightness Red 20mm LED display.
• Programmable input range: 0-20mA and 4-20mA
• User programmable display range -1999 to 9999 (decimal point selectable)
• Controls available behind display lens (hidden controls prevent unauthorized
adjustment) or
Alternatively pushbuttons on front face with lockout selector
on rear of enclosure.

• High quality tactile pushbuttons (no membrane to peel off).
• Programmable Hi and Low voltage free contacts with adjustable hysteresis
  (APM4120 only)

• LED indication of Hi and Low Alarms (APM4120 only)
• Removable plug in terminals
• 3 year guarantee
• High accuracy

 Supply voltage
 Power consumption
 Accuracy, Linearity
 Internal A-D resolution
 Input Impedance
 Temperature coefficient
 Conversion rate
 Settling time
 Memory retention
 Operating temperature range
 Alarm relay contact ratings
 24VDC ±15%
 2,5W max
 0,05% of full scale,±1 count
 200 000 counts
 100 W
 20 ppm/ °C typ
 1-5 per second (adjustable)
 1 second
 Non volatile operation

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