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This is a 12 or 24V DC, Relay based, Full Function Alarm Annunciator Card which is ideal for smaller applications where alarm annunciation is required, e.g. on mimics or control panels. Each ARM 4P Card drives 4 LEDS; 20 cards can be driven by one control card ARM-CON which contains all common circuits and a flasher. It is available from the factory in Automatic or Manual reset models. It can be used in an existing 24V DC system but it should be noted that the LEDs require positive common connection. The "Test Accept" button accepts alarms and also provides lamp test. A full system requires 12 or 24VDC, an ARM Card for every 4 ways, 1 control card, a buzzer, an accept button (and also a reset button in the case of a Manual Reset model).
The System operates on a normally open contact which closes on fault. On receipt of a closing contact the hooter sounds and the appropriate LED flashes. On acceptance, the hooter silences and the LED goes steady.

In the 'Auto Reset' model the LED goes out when the fault clears.
In the 'Manual Reset' model the LED stays on until the reset button is pressed.
In either case, fleeting alarms are latched until accepted.
Subsequent alarms are recognized, i.e. if there are alarms on the system, a new alarm will initiate a flashing LED and sound the hooter, without affecting existing alarms.
If a panel mount self contained alarm annunciator is required see "ADDA 8", and for a large system see our "MULTI 16 PLUS"' which can drive 1008 LEDs and incorporates advanced features.
Also see  our "MF 1", a motor flasher card which is ideal for motors that require steady run indication which flashes on trip and initiates a hooter.

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