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We offer several types of illuminated wind cone as the requirements vary depending on the application, mounting
requirement and the location. Even the colour of the actual sock should be selected according to the background colour. This basic sheet gives type 1 which is mounted in the ground. We also have brackets for the sides of buildings, mounting plates for mounting on concrete slab etc.

The windsock can be illuminated internally or externally with the external illumination being lower cost and also easier for maintenance, whereas the internal illumination requires sliprings. All wind cone assemblies should have a obstruction light and must be mounted well clear of landing and departure zones. (request detail on approach and departure zones for your application) It is also possible to have types with frangible poles which break off if hit by the helicopter. These are usually used where the wind cone needs to be mounted fairly close to the windsock and could present a danger to flight operations. Generally every attempt should be made to mount the windsock well clear of all flight operation, as even a frangible coupling type can present a serious obstacle.


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