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The EL-USB-TP-LCD-PROBE-G is a handheld, battery powered data logger that measures
and stores
temperature readings on-board until data is downloaded from it via USB.
Simple to set-up, the user just
plugs this device into the computer’s USB port and, using
Lascar’s FREE configuration software, names
the device, chooses a sampling rate, selects
high and low alarms and a logging start time. Place the glycol
bottle into the area of
vaccine storage and secure the logger on the outside of the fridge or freezer using
magnet included in the pack. An alarm breach is indicated by a flashing Red LED. In the
event of a breach,
plug the unit into the computer USB port and download data in txt.
format using Lascar’s free software.
Data can be viewed in graphical or tabular form.

• High/low alarms to alert out of range temperatures
Display of current, min and max temperature readings
Reset button for min and max readings
Low battery indicator
Accuracy ±0.1° C / ±0.2° F
At least 250,000 readings stored
Data loops when memory is full
Detachable temperature buffered probe
User programmable logging rates are available
Integral magnet to affix logger to outside of storage unit

The Lascar EasyLog family of vaccination data loggers is an inexpensive series of
standalone USB and WiFi-enabled sensors allowing discrete and continuous temperature
monitoring of vaccines. Exceeding Center for Disease Control guidelines on data loggers
used in vaccination storage, these sensors are supplied with glycol bottles, calibration
certificates and magnetic clips for immediate use and mounting to a refrigerator.

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