Elevated Landing Light (AERL)

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Elevated lights are used for helicopter landing zones and light aircraft runways for both edge and end lighting, (Red/Green) to indicate the taking off areas and landing areas either at night or during poor visibility daytime. They are also ideal in areas with high-water tables and poor drainage.

• Light intensity: STD 25cd (available up to 250cd)
• Light source: Ultra high intensity LED
• Base material: Aluminium
• Service life of LED: 100000hours
• Signal mode: Steady-burning (flashing only on request)
• Operating voltage: AC220V, 50/60 Hz (Option voltage. AC120V, DC48V)
• Emitting colour: Blue, Green, White, Red and Amber
• Power consumption: 7W
• Overall size: Φ136mm × 136mm × 250mm
• Ambient temperature: -55℃~+70℃
• Weight: 1.4kg
• Protection standard: IP65

This product is used for the following:
Taxiways edge: Blue (AERL-25-T-B)
Runway edge: White (AERL-25-R-W)
Runway Threshold: Red and Green (AERL-25-RT-RG)
Helipad Perimeter: Green or White (Colour depends on layout of helipad)
Helipad Approach: Amber (AERL-25-A-A)

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Elevated Landing Light (AERL)
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