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The FRMC 6 series miniature switches are used in all types of auxiliary circuits to connect and disconnect relays,measuring instrument, etc... Thanks to the special construction features they can also be used in hostile enviromental and climatic conditions. The limited dimensions make for minimal occupation of space both inside anf on the front of the panel.

• Self-Cleaning Blade Wiping Action Contacts System, suitable for being used also in
highly aggressive environments.
Shocks and Vibrations Proof, due to the contacts design.
Silver (STANDARD) or Gilded plated contacts
High Mechanical strength, main shaft , frame and plate made in steel.
High Resistance Electrolytic treatment of the ferrous components suitable for Tropical Applications.
Terminals Screws with easy access from the rear of the Switch.
Can have from 2 to 8 positions Fixed or with automatic return.
This is used when it is essential to prevent activation by non-authorised staff.
Up to 12 packets of contacts can be assembled with various key extraction systems.
Equipped with RONIS lock available all with the same numbering, all with different
numbering or different in groups.

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