Inset landing light (AISL)

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The use of latest materials and technology enables these units to be considerably more economical than the conventional filament-based helipad lights. They also have a built-in individual brightness regulation so there is no need for the expensive current conformers that high voltage systems use. Due to the high efficiency of LED's low current requirements, AeroLED inset lights can be operated on low voltages making the installation cable extremely economical and safe.
Inset aviation landing lights give off a bright light. Available in colours white, red or green, all colours are highly visible and come with 5 years of continuous maintenance-free operation. Installation of this light is made easier as a result of the all-in-one design features that stops water ingress into the lamp-holder, which happens with conventional helipad lights.

 Light intensity: ≥100cd
 Light source: Ultra high intensity LED
 Base material: Aluminum
 Service life of LED: 100000hours
 Signal mode: Steady-burning
 Operating voltage: AC220V, 50/60 Hz (Option voltage. AC120V, DC48V)
 Emitting colour: Blue, Green, White, Red and Amber
 Power consumption: 20W
• Overall size: Φ194mm × 138mm
• Installation size: Φ199mm × 146mm
 Ambient temperature: -55℃~+70℃
 Weight: 4.9kg
• Protection standard: IP68

This product is used for the following:
Taxiways: Blue (AISL-25-T-B)
Runway Centre Line: White (AISL-25-RC-W)
Helipad Touchdown: Green or White (Colour depends on layout of helipad)
Helipad Perimeter: Green or White (Colour depends on layout of helipad)
Helipad Approach: Amber (AISL-25-A-A)



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Inset landing light (AISL)
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