KP142F (Body) LN142F2-W (White Lens)

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Japanese made lamp-holder which uses a ø10mm E10 multichip LED. This unit can be made IP65 & vandal proof by using lock-tight to secure the removable lens. The LED is then replaceable from the rear.

Cut-out: ø16mm
Voltages: 12, 24, 48, 110 & 220V AC/DC
30V DC
Colours: Milky White lens which changes colour when the LED lights up.

E10 LED options

Φ Red¤¤  
Φ Orange¤¤¤  
Φ Yellow¤¤  
Φ Green¤¤  
Φ Blue¤  
Φ White¤  

Normally Exstock ¤ Ex Indent Φ Single chip only


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KP142F (Body) LN142F2-W (White Lens)
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