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The ADDA range of compact annunciators incorporate the latest microprocessor technology to provide a versatile and flexible alarm system suitable for a wide range of applications. The basic system consists of a Power Supply and one 16 way CPU alarm unit. This may be extended in modules of 16 ways up to a maximum group of 1024 ways, to form a very large synchronised alarm annunciator. Each 16 way CPU unit can be extended to 32 ways with a low cost Extension unit.

• Field selectable N/O - N/C input sense.
Choice of 4 alarm sequences via dipswitch.
Choice of 4 input delay options via dipswitch.
Ringback option (indicates return to normal position).
First out Fast Flash option (indicates first group of 32).
Horn relay output for remote audible device.
General alarm relay output for inhibit or control purposes.
Acknowledge pushbutton input (doubles as Lamp Test).
Reset pushbutton input.
Flash synchronizing of adjacent units.
Watchdog timer to monitor microprocessor.
Microprocessor is galvanically isolated from inputs.
RS 485 Connection is possible.
Optional printer controller provides time stamped event record
Opto-coupled inputs for full isolation of field wiring.

SEQUENCE 1 - Auto Reset
SEQUENCE 2 - Key Reset
SEQUENCE 3 - Motor Status
• SEQUENCE 4 - Green OK

• DELAY 1 - No delay(4mS)
• DELAY 2 - 1 Second
• DELAY 3 - 5 Seconds
• DELAY 4 - 10 Seconds

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