Mosaic Mimics

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The 'MASTERTECH' system is composed of modular elements. The graphic display is on tiles which are plugged into a grid constructed from interlocking long and short sections. As both tiles and grid are made from polycarbonate (Makrolon) which is a stable heat resistant material, they have matching expansion characteristics.
All artwork is computer generated directly from approved cad drawings. This produces superior quality, exactly as per drawing. CAD information is kept on computer and extensions can thus be done exactly the same as the original thus keeping the quality of installation at a high standard at all times.
All symbols, lines etc are totally engraved and the outline filled in black. This outline engraving improves the visibility, enhances quality and the engraving cannot be removed even with excessive cleaning.
The grid is assembled from interlocking dovetailed sections with staggered joints. This system provides a rigid and robust structure for the mimic panel. The grid incorporates fixing holes for fitting of P.C. Boards etc. The clear rear surface of the grid frame is ideal for neat fixing of wiring trunking etc. If parts are cut or removed to fit instruments, the mosaic grid can be replaced in small modules (2 x 4 tiles). Pre-punched strengthening channel is available for secure fixing with screws onto moulded holes. This is also ideal for fixing components onto the grid.
Tiles are available in 24 x 24, 24 x 48 and 48 x 48mm in light grey and black. Tile attachment is symmetrical so they can be rotated through 900. The surface is anti-glare. Tiles (including the first tile) can be removed from the front using a special tool. Tile construction is extremely precise and size does vary by more than 0.03mm along any edge. The tile fits extremely well when assembled. Rear illuminated tiles are available in single section, double section and triple section illumination. (E.g. Run, stop and trip in 1 tile).

Suitable for any layout, from building fire alarms, conveyor control or Power and Water Reticulation and even highway management (GEC Hong Kong). Suitable for use with layouts that have infrequent changes. It is the more "Upmarket" way of producing mimics as all border units & flow unit borders can be filled in a different colour (Typically Black) to the internal colour, this results in bolder more visible mimic diagrams. Can also be used for mimics which require no colour except the black out lines.

Size: Mosaic Mimics are unlimited in size


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Mosaic Mimics
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