PSU 130

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The PSU 130 is a compact, lightweight bench top power supply. Designed as an affordable yet highly functional piece of lab equipment, the PSU 130 will be common place in Engineering/Test departments worldwide.

• Wide input voltage range: 100-240Va.c. / 47 -63 Hz    
Continuously variable 1.5 to 30Vd.c. Regulated output    
0 to 1A output current    
Over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection    
Excellent regulation, low ripple    
Independent digital voltage and current indication with LED backlighting
High efficiency design with low heat output
Supplied with screw terminal adaptor block
Standard test lead connections on 19mm spacing
Compact: 135x140x53mm
Lightweight: 520g (18.3oz)

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PSU 130
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