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The Control switch series "R16" keep the same features as the previous Comeletric models, but in a smaller size. The small size of the Control Switch allow the fixing even in applications where there's a minimum depth.

• Self-Cleaning Blade Wiping Action Contacts System, suitable for being used also
in highly aggressive environments.
Shocks and Vibrations Proof, due to the contacts design.
IP20 Finger Proof terminals in According to standard IEC 60529.
High Mechanical strength, main shaft , frame and plate made in steel.
High Resistance Electrolytic treatment of the ferrous components suitable for
Tropical Applications.
Terminals Screws with easy access from the rear of the Switch.
Easy access to the Screws of Each terminals even when the Switch is Wired , for
the maintenance operations.
From 2 to 8 positions up to 23 packets of contact with one shaft

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