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This is an 8 way Alarm Card with Lamp Test and subsequent Buzzer output. It has been designed primarely as a driver for remote active repeat Mimics for fire Panels and other similar alarm systems where there is a Latched output. It provides an economical method  of indicating alarms on a mosaic panel or alarm window display. LED’s do not flash and fleeting alarms are not latched (when the signal goes, the LED goes out). It is much better than a simple diode steered alarm card in that it also indicates subsequent alarms by restarting the buzzer every time a new alarm arrives, even if existing alarms are still present. It incorporates lamp test, LED ballast resistors and a horn driver. It is available in 12V and 24V DC versions.

• Fire alarm & other alarm annunciator repeat panels.
• Process controlled applications where operators need to be made aware of new events
but a full alarm annunciator is not required. This unit combined with a standard Lamp
test card will provide a low cost solution for Motor run/ Trip indication.
IE: Use the Standard Lamp test card for the steady state RUN indications and the
SASB Alarm card for the overload.
• Latched Trip circuits.

See also door monitoring modules, AEM4 modules.

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