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• Data monitoring is reflected via the PLC thereby informing the user of
 equipment status
• Control functions set in the front keypad allow the user to change the status and
 functionality of the unit.
• Data processing, real time sampling and information processing
• SH-300 comes with windows compatibility
• Alarm list functionality, displaying current status
• Password protection
• Easy to use front keypad(user friendly)
• STN LCD backlit screen allowing for 24 symbols across four rows, making it a clear
 and informative display.
• Compact and aesthetic in design
• Front panel is IP65

 Hardware Specifications
 LCM life
 Comms Port
 Function Key
 Allowable current loop
 4.3” STN LCD
 192 x 64 pixels
 With 25±2°C 65±10%RH over 50 000 hours
 60 cd/m²??
 Single colour
 Adjustable Resistor
 Longlife Yellow/Green LED
 110KB Flash ROM
 PC RS232 & PLC RS485/422 & PLC RS232
 20 custom keys, including 12 numeric inputs
 General Specifications
 Interference withstand test
 Withstanding Voltage test
 Insulation Resistance
 Seismic Test
 Protection level
 Working Environment Temp
 Working Environment Humidity
 Storage Temperature
 Housing Material
 Frame Dimensions
 Display Dimensions
 Cooling method
 12 » 24VDC ± 10% <150mA @ 24VDC
 Voltage 1500Vp-p, pulse period 1us, sustain 1s
 500VAC 1minute
 Over 10M ohm @ 500VDC
 10 » 25 Hz (X, Y, Z direction 2G 30 minutes)
 IP65 front panel
 -10 » 60°C
 20»90% RH (non-condensation)
 -20°C » 70°C
 Industrial plastics ABS+PC
 171.8 x 84.2 x 38.6mm
 97.0 x 34.5mm
 165 x 85mm
 Natural air cooling


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