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• LED Steady/Flashing
• Easy installation-wall mounting
With a half Ø90mm it can be mounted in high traffic areas with
little to no obstruction and greatly reduces risk of damage

• Vacuum cover plating for increased aesthetics and protection
• High visibility
Built in ligh diffusion filter helps radiate light more effectively
Dust/dirt reduction using smooth exterior lenses
IP55 rated water & dust-resistant structure allows for outdoor use
Suitable for use on machinery emitting vibrations and impacts
Standard Color Combination
2 Colors : R-Red   G-Green
3 Colors : R-Red   A-Amber   G-Green
Flashes : 60~80/min.
Material : Lens-AS, Filter-PC, Cover-ABS, Body-ABS
Certificate : CE

 Model  Rated V  Current Layers  Weight  Colour

 LED Steady

  12V AC/DC  0.095A 2  0.27Kg Red/Green
  24V AC/DC  0.063A   0.27Kg 
  110V AC  0.048A 3  0.47Kg Red/Amber/Green
  220V AC  0.024A   0.47Kg 

The appearance of 2 layers product and 3 layers product is the same.
In case of 2 layers product, the middle lens does not have a light.

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