TC-PRO 2400

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• 8-digit high resolution LCD (8mm high)
• Manual Reset & External Reset
• 23 Functions (15 Timer Functions, 6 Counters, Frequency Meter & Tachometer)
• Unique battery cover design for easy battery replacement
• Programmable Reset button to prevent accidental pushing
• Bezel: 24x48mm
• Cut-out: 22x45mm
• Depth: 38mm
• Front Bezel IP66
Display Unit: day/hour/min/sec
15 Display functions (selectable)
Frequency response is programmable for elimination
of outside switch key bounce and Edge Trigger is selectable
<50Hz, rising/falling edge trigger
<100Hz, rising/falling edge trigger
<600Hz, rising/falling edge trigger
Frequency Meter:
Response Frequency: 2.5Hz»1300Hz
4-Digit display: 2.500»1300(Hz)
RPM range: 150RPM»78.000RPM
Max. 5-Digit display: 150»78000




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TC-PRO 2400
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