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Small company with big impact and a global footprint. They say dynamite comes in small packages. Mimic Components is proof we support some of the world’s largest organizations with their process automation and production needs. At Mimic Components we believe in bringing the electrical and electronics industry, Leading products that will perform and last. Everything Mimic Components does challenges the industry status quo. We believe in pushing the boundaries and making products that are future proof.

Mimic Components has a passion for the electrical and the electronics sector. With decades of experience we have developed great skills in design, development and production of PC boards, automation solutions, control panels, control desks and data logging.

We pride ourselves in the products we offer to our customers. Great care is taken to find the right products at the right prices. Our products are put through rigorous testing before being offered to the market. We make sure to offer clients varying levels of products from economy versions all the way to high end solutions.

Mimic Components products are everywhere, almost any product out there has been closely monitored by or manufactured by a product of Mimic Components. We have airport lighting solutions, food monitoring, logistics logging and monitoring, temperature control and monitoring , power distribution control and monitoring to name a few.

Brief products outlay : Alarm annunciators , control panel , control desks , Mimic panels , alarm displays , aluminium plates , audible warning devices , data logging , visual warning devices , pc boards , timers , temperature controllers , process controllers , Airfield lighting etc…

Now you have a brief outline of what we do and are capable of talk to us about how we can help you.